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Hee Youn

Hee Youn

Link to CamRoom: Hee Youn

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Quick Details

Name: Sea
Surname: Youn
Age: 21
Followers: 318417
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Language: English, Japanese

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Hee Youn’s Overview

If there’s one thing that is for certain in this world it’s that Japanese girls are incredibly hot, usually I prefer the more petite small chested Japanese girls, but this girl is something to be praised, she’s got everything, the body, the cute smile and that oriental look that makes me explode in minutes.

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    Link to CamRoom: Hee Youn

    Hee Youn’s Face

    As I said above, this girl has the face of an angel, she’s got those cute red lips, which I would love to have on my cock so that it ends up stained with that red lipstick. Her eyes would look incredible in that position too looking up at me.

    Her nose is cute and overall, she looks more cute than sexy, hence, face of an angel.

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    Hee Youn’s Body

    She may have the face of an angel, but she’s got the body of a porn star. Those massive tits are, believe it or not, real and I’ve asked her to check. They are not only massive, but a great shape, they take up so much of the screen that I think it’s fair to say they are the star of the show.

    She’s also in shape in the stomach area too, a slight bit of “love handles” that I love because when she sits down on her knees it gives her thigh brows. Which I’m guessing she knows because she seems to exclusively wear high waisted underwear. Although her breasts are by far her best body feature, she’s also got an amazing ass, so from behind would also be the ride of a lifetime.

    Link to CamRoom: Hee Youn

    Hee Youn’s Presence & Interaction

    She spends a lot of her time on cam talking to the viewers and interacting with them, she’s got a tonne of tip options which will allow any user to spend enough time (and money) on her channel making her do fun things for the camera. You won’t be let down enjoying this channel. Let me know what you think in the comments.

    Link to CamRoom: Hee Youn

    Hee Youn’s Overall Score: 8/10

    Link to CamRoom: Hee Youn


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