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DDDTraveler Angelica: The Ultimate M.I.L.F.

DDDTraveler Angelica: The Ultimate M.I.L.F.

Link to CamRoom: DDDTraveler

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Quick Details

Name: Angelica
Surname: Unknown
Age: 45
Followers: 209351
Location: USA

Language: English

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Angelica and her husband were traveling the US in an RV, however due to multiple breakdowns they decided it would be more exciting to rent a house and just have sex on camera for a living. She’s incredibly hot and I don’t blame the husband for agreeing because as day jobs go, It isn’t a bad one.

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This is the face of a woman that I love, I’m a big fan of the movie American Beauty and if I was to imagine Angela from that movie at 45, Angelica basically looks like that. A bonus is that if you’re not in the mood for porn right now, they also have a YouTube Channel (shown above) and you can follow their RV journey.


I guess if you’re going to be on camera you’re going to want to be in shape but for 45 no matter what way you cut it, she looks absolutely incredible, also I hope I look as good as the husband does when I’m 50 too. She’s got a tight body and her vagina is one that looks 20 years younger!

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She’s clearly paid for some augmentation in the chest area and if I’m wrong there, it would be a happy surprise because her tits are absolutely amazing and I would happily play with them until the cows, or her husband, comes home.

Femdom Porn Videos

She also has an ass to match the tits which is like two rugby balls being smuggled in a condom.

Presence & Interaction

On the camera I love the fact that, unlike other cams, it is more about her and her husband having long lasting tantric sex and I really enjoy watching them for hours. Check the link below to watch them and let me know in the comments what you think.

Overall Score: 9/10

Link to CamRoom: DDDTraveler


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