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Link to CamRoom: Caylin

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Quick Details

Name: Caylin
Surname: Unknown
Age: 23
Followers: 1,267,714
Location: Unknown Spanish Speaking Country

Language: English, Italian & Spanish

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This young spanish speaking hottie is one of the best on the Chaturbate platform with well over 1 million followers and it’s not hard to see why, however it will be hard not to be…hard, with her magic voice, beautiful face and incredible assets in the chest department, it’s not hard to see why this girl is attracting so much attention from around the world.


Being completely honest, her face wouldn’t be the most the top in the world for me but I can at the very least say there is nothing wrong with it, in fact she’s got an incredibly cute smile and those dark eyes stare into the screen in a way that just makes me want to explode across the continent, however that being said, it’s not the top rated on this site, what do you think? Comment below.

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When it comes to her body, she’s got an amazingly athletic body and I’m only hoping that her main feature, those massive tits are real, because they do look that way! (disagree? Let me know in the comments). She hasn’t got an ounce of fat out of place and there is nothing I want more when watching her cam than to just rest my head in the middle of those giant tits and fiddle till the cows come home.

In terms of her ass, honestly I’m not sure, in the time that I watched the cam, I actually didn’t see it once she seems to keep it well hidden but given the figure she has in general I’m sure it’s absolutely stunning also. She went to turn around a couple of times and quickly kept it out of shot, so I’m intrigued.

Presence & Interaction

She talks a lot to the people who comment to her on the chat, usually in English and she’s great at having fun with the viewers. Her voice speaking in English is incredibly cute and it’s very obvious that it isn’t her first language, not that I’m complaining. It does however add to the charm and make her even sexier.

Overall Score: 7/10

Link to CamRoom: Caylin


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