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Himex Marie

Himex Marie

Link to CamRoom: himex marie

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Quick Details

Name: Hime
Surname: Marie
Age: 25
Followers: 394762
Location: Arizona

Language: English

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This super hot American definitely is the hottest thing in Arizona other than the desert and she has no self consciousness about it which is for sure by the way she moves around on camera.

Link to CamRoom: himex marie


The mixture of incredible eyes that match her brunette hair and incredible smile almost takes my attention of her body and I mean almost. The shine of her cheeks and the way she smiles makes you almost think she could be wife material, if it wasn’t for the fact that you’d have to fight any more male that sees her. What do you think? Comment below.

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Link to CamRoom: himex marie


Let’s start with this girl where it counts, the ass, which is absolutely epic and is so round and firm that I just honestly describe it as two footballs being smuggled in a condom. Did I also mention that she’s also incredibly flexible and loves to show it off on cam.

Here’s another view and as you’ll also see below she’s not only got an incredible ass, but one of the nicest vagina’s that I think you’ll find on the planet. TIP TIP TIP.

Femdom Porn Videos

The only area lacking for me personally is in the tits, as I prefer a slightly bigger breasted girl, but being honest this is one for preference, lots of guys love this. Her body is also incredibly athletic.

Link to CamRoom: himex marie

Presence & Interaction

She’s fun, laughs a lot, talks to the camera and has a lot of fun with her body wand, if only I was there to help, it would be better!

Overall Score: 7/10

Link to CamRoom: himex marie


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