Link to her profile: 18_Couple_Bondage

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Name: Isabella & Alex
Surname: Unknown
Age: 18
Followers: 15725
Location: United States of America

Language: English

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This couple seem more experienced at BDSM exhibitionism than there age would allow but that’s what makes them amazing.


Link to her profile: 18_Couple_Bondage


She’s got beautiful blue eyes, that cute young face that makes you want nothing more than to continue watching and she’s got an incredibly cute smile, with her two fang teeth standing out and making you smile along with her.


She’s not busty, but considering how petite she is, it’s not like they aren’t more than large enough for you. She’s in amazing shape, with an athletic body and not an ounce of fat in sight, on the rare occasion you get to see her ass also….wow.

Link to her profile: 18_Couple_Bondage

Presence & Interaction

The couple love nothing more than taking tips for them to up their BDSM game and they encourage you to get them going more and more. It looks like a happy couple and the viewers love it.

Link to her profile: 18_Couple_Bondage

Overall Score: 9/10

Link to her profile: 18_Couple_Bondage


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