Link to her profile: Kepler_186f

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Quick Details

Name: Nova
Surname: Unknown
Age: 19
Followers: 401406
Location: Colombia

Language: English & Spanish

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I can honestly say, with bias, this is my favorite girl on the entire planet when it comes to camming and it’s not hard to see why. She’s incredible.

Link to her profile: Kepler_186f


She’s got a perfect complection, her skin color, her smile, cheek bones, cute nose and eyes that stare into your soul give her the perfect “face of an angel” I would pay every last penny I have to let her just smile at me in person.


To go with that “face of an angel” she’s got the “body of a pornstar” too. She’s incredibly in shape and athletic, but she’s also got a nice sized chest that is 100% real and as expected for a girl her age, firm as can be. Her ass on it’s own could be sculpted and put on display at the Met…she’s perfect. Her in heels, with that incredibly sexy leg tattoo could keep me interested for three lifetimes.

Link to her profile: Kepler_186f

Presence & Interaction

Her style of interaction is simple, but tipping wise, effective. She loves to smile and tease her audience and make them just open their wallets and beg for a private show. This girl is nothing short of perfection.

Link to her profile: Kepler_186f

Overall Score: 10/10

Link to her profile: Watch Now


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