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Abie Owen

Abie Owen

Link to her profile: Abie Owen

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Quick Details

Name: Abie
Surname: Owen
Age: 19
Followers: 351255
Location: Colombia

Language: English & Spanish

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Another Colombian, I really need to go on a trip there, is everyone from Colombia this hot? It certainly seems that way and my god what I wouldn’t give to just have drinks with this girl!

Link to her profile: Abie Owen


A cute smile, beautiful eyes and a button nose, what’s not to like. Let me know in the comments your favorite thing about Abie


This girl is petite and stunning in every way. She’s got small but perky tits which don’t look small given her size. She’s got a tight, incredible ass, amazing legs and not an ounce of fat…perfection.

Oh and she sells her used underwear…

Link to her profile: Abie Owen

Presence & Interaction

She likes to laugh and joke with her audience, but mainly she likes to dress up in various outfits to tease and arouse anyone watching. She’s spectacular.

Seriously, I cannot exagerate just how hot she looks in that referree costume. It’s absolutely ridiculous how hot a latina is when dressed up like this!

I’m sorry I have to go, I’ve just been turned on again!

Link to her profile: Abie Owen

Overall Score: 9/10

Link to her profile: Watch Now


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