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Link to her profile: harmonicdiv

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Quick Details

Name: Kenzie
Surname: Unknown
Age: 23
Followers: 183881
Location: Budapest, Hungary

Language: English

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There is nothing more arousing than a girl who knows what she’s doing on cam and is deeply imbedded in the porn industry and this Pornhub model come cam girl is no exception. The only thing better is a massive chested woman who loves to dominate herself like harmonicdiv

Link to her profile: harmonicdiv


This gorgeous blonde girl is incredibly cute when she pouts with her Disney like big blue eyes that stare into your soul, a very cute nose and lips that would be amazing sharing their red lipstick on your…regions.


She’s got it all, my favorite with this girl is her epic thigh brows which she loves to dress in high waisted hot underwear which leads down to her perfect long and hot legs, incredible big and beautiful ass but her main assets are her incredible tits which are so big they could be classed as deadly weapons in a bond film.

Link to her profile: harmonicdiv

Presence & Interaction

Lovense Enabled She loves to seduce and tease the crowd, talking directly to members playfully smiling and enchanting them as she goes, she’s a dream.

Link to her profile: harmonicdiv

Overall Score: 9/10

Link to her profile: harmonicdiv


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